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Heads says Millotty, but he lost the call, the other team bats, we've got the ball.              
Darkened leather, with clouded skies, up steps Dunga, to float his pies.                         
At the great St Johns Park they drop & tease, it's hard to see them in the trees.
The batter waits, he is not sure, whether to hit it for six or four.
But it's a top edge to eager hands, and Dunga does his wicket dance

A short poem.
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Just to the right I have placed a logo for Steptember. It is to raise money for people with Cerebral palsy. Myself, (Donald Fabian), Ofa Fabian, Kenneth Fabian and Merie Fabian are undertaking the Steptember challenge to take 10,000 steps a day for the next 28 days to raise funds for people with Cerebral palsy. It's quite a task and we have undertaken to raise $500. I would love to raise 10x that if I could. If you have not undertaken the commitment, or don't think your up to it but would like to donate just click on this link and help us to help all those people out there with Cerebral palsy.