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The Prestons Junior Sports Association was started in July 1966 at a BBQ at the home of the Downes Family in Glen Margaret Ave Lurnea .The club was an idea from all the families within the area who wanted there children to play sport socially. It was decided that Mr Ken Small would be the first ever President , Mr Roy Downes would take on the role as secretary & Mr Bill Pullbrook would be elected treasurer. And with all the help of many parents acting as a committee the club was well on its way, but had to work out how to raise funds to buy equipment & jerseys.

Roy & Barry Downes would walk around the surrounding streets of Lurnea selling raffle tickets to try & raise funds, but more money was needed. After the first meeting was held at the home of the cook family, it was suggested that the club be called Greenhills, due to the surrounding areas & the inability to agree on a suitable name.

The second meeting was held at the Prestons public school, and at this meeting it was suggested on this night, that the club be called Prestons sports club using the schools colors of maroon & gold. One of the topics in general business was how do we pay for all the gear to get the club started, with the raffles providing some funds, but nowhere near what was required to get the club started, a local businessman from the back of the room asked how much do you need to get things started, when he was told 200 Pounds, he replied I will give you 400, and please let me know if you need anymore. When thanked by everyone present, he was asked for his name, my name is Bob Ingham he replied.

In its inaugural season the club had to find a ground to play at, and with the help of Greg Coleman from the Prestons public school, he introduced the committee to the headmaster at Lurnea high school Mr Munro, who allowed Prestons to practice cricket in the nets in the school playgrounds. Permission was also granted for the rugby league to train & play at Lurnea high school as well.

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